Saturday, December 22, 2012

Tales from Japan: Abe, Japan's new hope?

Shinzo Abe, soon to be Japan's new Prime Minister 2012.  Photo taken from a Liberal Democratic Party pamphlet

Just recently Japan's Diet appointed its new leader. Shinzo Abe of the conservative side of Japan's political spectrum has returned to the highest position in Japanese politics.

In the past he has had the demeanor of a more soft spoken man. At one time he was Japan's youngest Prime Minister but had to resign due to failing health.

Now he has a new tone and voice that has lit a fire under the politically indifferent Japanese culture. He has gained strong support from his stance on foreign affairs and his commitment to effective economic strategies.

I have watched him over the years and seen him be bashed repeatedly by Japanese media but he is still going strong.  The fact the media won't leave him alone makes me think perhaps there is something good about him.

This was taken from Abe's Facebook page.  It notes how when the more liberal party took power three years ago it was a "A Democratic Revolution that will Change Japan" but now with the return of the conservatives party's overwhelming victory the magazine title reads, "The Concern Over Abe's Politics".  Let the bashing begin the comment reads on the Facebook post

One thing for sure is that Shinzo Abe has a lot of pressure to perform an economic revival in Japan. Remarkably, the day after the elections the Japanese stock market soared  and the over valued yen dropped.  A sign that perhaps there is hope for this struggling nation.

We even had the rare opportunity to listen to him speak live at Funabashi station a day before the election

Mr. Abe is speaking from a platform by the far building and is mostly being blocked by trees but you can see him move slightly if you look real close, or if you can zoom in on the video.

It was about a year ago that I had a vision about Japan's future.

A White Serpent Will Appear

I don't know whether Mr. Abe is going to be a phenomenal success or a tremendous failure. But my heart is that Japan is blessed and it's people prosper. That is my prayer for them and my prayers for their leader.

The reactions of some Christians in Japan seem almost fearful as to what what might happen, if religious persecution or hardships might result from this new leadership.

I certainly do not think it could even come close to the persecutions under the shoguns of long ago.

Christian Martyrdom in Japan

If anything, let there be hope and let there be joy in the land again.  

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