Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Only in Japan: Walking upon the narrow path

Where I live in Japan, like most places I assume in urban and suburban Japan, space is a limited commodity, sometimes to a very dangerous extent. I remember when I first moved here years ago how I was quite nervous and even frustrated walking down narrow roads and in dangerously tight spaces. As you will see below as I take a walk (sanpo 散歩).

As you see the cars whisk by at an arm`s length away. Often along this road you have to step out into the road and if you are carrying something it becomes even more cumbersome.

I had the rare opportunity to see the ambulance take off from the local Fire Station. By the way Japanese ambulances talk when turning or pulling out into the road.

So as you can see life in Japan means being careful in more ways than one, even when it is walking down your own street.

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