Friday, September 30, 2011

A Vision for America: An Eagle in the Wilderness

Eagle photo source

The other day along with the vision I saw regarding the future leadership in Japan 

I saw a bald eagle soaring over the wilderness and heard the voice of the Spirit of God say "This is what is to happen to America in the months and years to come."  I looked and saw the eagle looked very haggard and starved. It was desperately looking for food in a barren land. As it flew closer to the ground to spot food it was suddenly shot in the right wing. It was hurt bad and flew to and perched on the closest tree. It did not die, but desperately tried to stop the bleeding of its wing. After awhile it became tired and needed food so it flew down to the ground but collapsed and was eaten by the wild animals.

It doesn`t take much to see this is prophesying that something sudden and crippling is going to take down America from soaring the skies it once did as a world power. The eagle did not die suddenly from the attack but was left disabled unable to feed itself and eventually had no choice but come down from the tree and search for food and finally died.

This also goes along with what God has been saying recently.
see more here: God speaks to America

This is not the type of message I want to speak. I want to see and say good, positive, uplifting words, but I cannot. This is not the message I want to hear myself. Yet, God is on the throne and God is bigger than any country and its people. God judges the nations of the earth so that righteousness and justice would come. 

It is true that America has done great good in the world, but also has shed much blood.  It has waged many wars and continues to do so. Its leaders have become corrupted. Its people have become lost meanwhile the innocent suffer, the poor, the widows. Though the people of America cry out, they will not repent from evil.  How can God help those who refuse His ways? How can God teach and guide those who will not acknowledge His authority?

I pray for America and for the days ahead, for strength and courage for the many who will endure because they trust not in themselves but in God. God will keep them and will crown them with glory in the age to come. 

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  1. I keep interceding for America to repent. Jonah spoke a few words and Nineveh repented. But, i don't think America is listening to God right now.

    God bless.


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