Thursday, August 04, 2011

Word of the LORD: God will raise up West Japan

The Word of Lord spoken to me on August 4th 2011 as I stood outside in Matsudo looking out at the sky.

The Almighty God has brought disaster upon this people. They fall by their own hands and by their own deeds they are undone.  Their greed and corruption have soiled this very land and all who dwell in it.  So I shall remove their banner and give it to another.  I shall raise up the West and raise the banner high and the East shall be in shame. They try to conceal and lie their way out and do not repent of their evil ways.

There shall be no capital to the East but it shall be barren.  It shall be left to rest from evil and corruption.  So the West shall be made strong.  The entire nation shall be changed and reborn. I shall redeem all those who turn from evil and follow My ways, and receive My salvation.

There will be great trouble in this land, but it shall come to pass. This people shall come to know My name and My ways. Their sickness and disease shall be healed.  Their sins forgiven, if they come to Me.




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  1. God is so awesome and Almighty. Thank you Lord for these words. The words that the Lord has given you have been on my heart. My grandson has relatives in both eastern and western Japan. My heart goes out to the nation. I pray for the the people each day.
    Stephen, we hope to see you and your family back in the U.S. soon.


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