Sunday, December 12, 2010

Only in Japan: Watch out for that Monster!

If you like cuddly, terrifying, and strange mascots, Japan is the place for you.  At malls, street corners, every where you look! What do you expect from the country that gave the world Pokemon!

Any company that campaigns directly to the public has a mascot character of some kind: from cable companies, to gas companies, to water providers and waste management.  Even cities have their own mascots!

It`s an interesting approach to business and unique to Japan`s culture.  They love their mascots, but the real question is, "Can you really trust that monster with your children`s future!" LOL


  1. So all i wanna know is - Is godzilla real???

  2. Godzilla? My guess is that he lives under Mount Fuji...but again I`m not much of a conspiracy theorist lol


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