Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Connecting Life with Faith: A World without Christmas

Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays on the planet. Regardless of religion, race, or even creed many people participate in the festivities, delighting themselves in the wholesome atmosphere.

Which brings to mind...what is the source of all this joy or Christmas "Spirit"?

What would the world do without Christmas? What kind of winter would we have? Winter is a time when we see nature slow down and visible signs of life seem to dissipate. The landscape becomes barren and cold while the colors turn dark. We think of our mortality, perhaps even our futility. In this time when we are forced to look at the wintry world around us there is a gift of hope in Christmas.

I think the theme of hope and joyful giving resounds within the human spirit. This is because the human spirit is made in the likeness of God`s spirit. This is what the "spirit" of Christmas truly is.

Christ said that is better to give than receive because the joy that comes with giving is that much greater.

A world without Christmas...that would be a struggle for me. And it is not because of the presents, cookies, and all the other fun stuff. It is because it would mean that beyond my physical existence my life would be empty.

The gift of Christ is the gift of promise to make humans fully alive, and in our rightful place with our Creator.

Thank God for Christmas cause it reminds of that hope!!

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