Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Caring for yourself and serving others

Does anybody feel like serving? Sometimes we can find meaning and purpose in it. We can create an identity around our work of service. It is good to serve and it is a two fold blessing. When we serve and we bless others, we also bless ourselves. The effort and energy we give in the service to others can be multiplied many times over touching countless lives and encouraging us.

We serve our wives and children at home by volunteering our time and energy. We serve our customers, co workers and bosses by using our talents with excellence. We serve God through our living devotion to His purpose. Service is a part of who we are.

Yet I experience and see there is trouble when we serve. Service can be costly and deplete us of time, money, and our health. Without properly caring for ourselves we put ourselves at risk to the often referred to condition of "burn-out."

Self care may be a way to help others. How can the sick heal the sick? If we neglect self care then we will ultimately be headed on the road to "burn out." There are seasons of service and there are seasons where we can withdraw and focus on caring for our needs. God is compassionate and knows the best way to heal us, teach us, help us, guide us, and restore us.

If we aren`t making time for this to happen, then we will find ourselves missing something. We will find more of our identity in serving others than being God`s children, His servants. We are His, so let us be used by Him as He decides.

God care for us like you say in your Word. Bring us the comfort that we need and touch that we need. Inspire us to serve you in little ways and in great ways. May we see the opportunities you give us. Satisfy us fully, as we serve you in the place you have us. Amen.

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