Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Power of Purpose

Purpose is powerful. Any person who has gone through a season of life with no purpose will probably say that was it was both depressing and frustrating. Purpose drives the heart of a man. It sustains him. Without it he would unravel and fall apart.

Is it the atomic power holding together the molecules of the mighty oaks, or the grand mountain ranges? In our age of higher education we are tempted to think so, but it is purpose!!!

Colossians says that Christ holds everything together or sustains all creation. It is His purpose that keeps the world from falling apart. It is His purpose to maintain the laws of time and space. His hand keeping entropy at bay. Everything is slowly unraveling and falling apart. It is all going from order to disorder, but God has a purpose!

When we think on our life`s purpose, what emotions are revealed? When we are focused and our purpose is clear, we can radiate with faith and certainty. When we are struggling to find our purpose or we are far from it, we feel a weakness in our souls and a heaviness in our hearts.

Oh, God has great purposes for His own! Reveal your purpose for us in this hour today God. Let us not trudge the days of our lives away in misery, but in everything give thanks, for your work in us is good! We are living stones in the framework of the house of God. We are continually being refined and perfected for His judgement. Let us not forget we have a purpose and eternal life awaits us. We have every reason to rejoice for if our purpose has been lost, then our God will restore all that has been lost.
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