Sunday, July 03, 2005

Revelation in TSUKUBA

This past week I worked in Tsukuba as a substitute teacher at a GEOS english school. It was very difficult at the beginning. I was literally sent into a full schedule of teaching with only four hours of training. The typical training is three full days. As the days went on my confidence grew. I began to see God`s favor and grace in the situation. Tsukuba was a nice change of scenery. It is a very rural area with clear skies and natural surroundings. It is a world reknown place for scientific research. Tsukuba University is just one of the scientific places of study there. The town is filled with young, bright college students. As I began to pray in intercession for the area, I felt God`s heart for the people there. All knowledge and wisdom belongs to God and many dig and explore for such knowldege. I began to pray, "God open their minds to the knowledge of Christ Jesus! God, give them the revelation that you are not an invention of human imagination, but that we are a creation of your imagination formed in our mother`s womb!"
As this glorious time of fellowship with God continued, I saw a vision. I saw the island of Japan before me. I saw it sink into the ocean! I cried out, "God!! In your wrath remember mercy!" Then the island rose again out of the water. Then a voice said to me, ”主はこう言われます、日本は生まれ変わります。” "Thus says the LORD, "Japan shall be reborn!" Then I saw the glory of a new japan. It was a symbol of the entire island of Japan being baptized. Then I began to pray in accordance with Jesus` words, "Lord baptize them with fire and the Holy Spirit!" For the next hour I prayed and sang hymns in the park to the LORD in an act of worship. I chuckled as a lady with her dog clapped for me.
Now I am back in Funabashi spirituallly restored and rejuvenated. Praise the LORD! We who know of His faithfulness and have seen the glorious things of His heart. His love for His people never fails!
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