Friday, June 24, 2005

The road is long...

When we begin a quest we rarely know all the challenges facing us. We know we will have trials and even persecutions, but that does not stop us from saying YES to God. I feel like I have been sprinting and running only to find out I have only gone through a small portion of the great long road before me. Can a man truly know where he is going? Is it not the LORD, his shepard, that guides him. I thank God for the prayers many offer up for us and I believe He is guiding us daily. I want to rush off and do ministry right away! However, can I do ministry without Him, without His annointing, without His words how can I speak to these people?! I am longing for a place to fulfill my calling. My desire is to see His glory here amongst these people in this land.
We praise God that we are moving into a new home at the beginning of July. It is a little small for us, but it was easy to get into. It is a brand new house!! We are renting it for about $1,400 a month. I still have not gotten a job, but I have just had an interview with an English school this week.
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