Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Vision - Keys & Greater Things


I actually had this vision in early March of 2017. God has reminded again of this vision and to share it more publicly.  Especially as we step out more with Empowering Japan & go into full time ministry.  This is not just for us but part of the new thing God is doing all around the world.

Vision of the keys

I saw a vision of many rooms and in each room there was a cage and people were trapped and frustrated in their cages. They would cry out and say why doesn't God keep His promises. Why can't we do what He wants us to do?
Then God handed me many keys too many to count and I began to unlock the cages and set people free. Then those who were set free would begin to run around overjoyed and as I continued to unlock the cage doors and set people free I became weary and the LORD said to me. Give them the keys, for freely they be set free let them set others free.The LORD gave me a trumpet to blow and call many to me and I gave them many keys and soon all of the cages were open. Then the music began to play and a stage came down from the sky and many people began to gather around it. A sign in lights read greater things above the stage and I saw great things mighty angels rise from the stage with smoke and lightning thunder and power. It was awesome to behold and I fell down because of the shaking of earth. Then a voice from heaven said. This will come to pass and I have given you authority over angels and over rulers of the earth. Take hold of such things and let loose the things of heaven upon the earth. Then multitudes of soldiers came forth and they marched in unison and could not be stopped. The sound of their marching was mighty and they could not be stopped. 

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