Monday, July 24, 2017

Vision - The Unleashing of a Great Beast - Okinawa

Tomorrow I go to Okinawa.  Last time I was there in April the LORD did so many amazing things that I lost count;  many healings, deliverances, signs & wonders that lasted over 4 days.  

Before this time I had a vision in March that I have shared with many but I want to post it here as a reminder as I get ready to return and see the LORD do even greater works in our midst


In a dream the LORD showed me a large beast chained to a wall. It was strong and powerful. It had bulging muscles and four legs. A face like a dragon and a body like a lion. It had no tail and could stand up on two legs when it wanted to.

It was calm despite being chained. The LORD said go and unchain it. And I was afraid and the LORD said it will not hurt you. I will unleash this beast to destroy the work of the enemy. Unchain it and you will see strongholds come down. Towers that the enemy has built will crumble as this beast attacks them.

So I unchained the beast and watched it as wings grew from its back and it flew down to demolish the enemy's strongholds over many places in the world.  The beast was terrifying yet it did not harm the people of God and they were protected from it.  It shook the earth with its might and it roared as took on hoards of enemies.

The LORD said to me. "Do not be troubled for you have done right and righteousness will come to My people because of what you have done. The beast will return and then my people will fill the earth. They shall know My ways and in My name will they trust."

The darkness will be swallowed by the light of My presence. The Lord then handed me a great lantern which was heavy and I could not carry it. He called to angels to carry Me and with the lantern I brought light to those in darkness. They glorified God in heaven and each took a torch to light their dwellings. And the land was full of light. The people rejoiced and name of the LORD was glorified.

UPDATE 2019 
Audio No longer available


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