Thursday, June 29, 2017

Tales From Japan: Miracles Non Stop! Miracles from May & June (VIDEOS)

It has been a month since I last posted an entry and that is because of the amazing AMAZING past two months.  I am literally losing count of the many miracles that continue through our ministry.  I have managed to get some on video & others I have spoken of in podcasts or Facebook live videos.  May was truly a month of miracles and June has continued seeing miracles from Hokkaido (the top of Japan) to Okinawa (the very bottom) and various other areas in between.  I have been to Tokyo twice once in May and again in June.  Miracles on the streets and even at dinner, my sushi chef got healed of tendinitis.

This homeless man was paralyzed from a stroke on his left side.  He could not lift his arm or open his hand or even walk without dragging his foot.

This man's knees were so swollen and diseased who could not stand up on his own even to go the bathroom. Later he literally took his mat and went on his own.

Also we have seen miracles in parks like the one below in Ohori park, Fukuoka City.  This woman who could barely walk without limping with her cane.  She got healed in just seconds.

This man's neck and back pain was healed instantly in Kego Park in front of Tenjin station in Fukuoka.

This woman was healed of her back pain and tendinitis in her wrist after the baseball game in Fukuoka as were heading home.

Also in Osaka we have been going to houses and laying on hands and seeing the severely paralyzed rise and speak after years of silence.  This man couldn't stand up, walk, speak or even open his hand for over 16 years.  Doctors said he would never be able to comprehend speech much less communicate, walk, or live a normal life again because of the brain and nerve damage he had.  But then God...

Here he is walking down stairs a man once paralyzed now given life in the name of Jesus.

He can now open his hand at will and is getting better and better each day.

These are only some of miracles we are seeing in this time.  God is demonstrating His power as many are being saved.  We are baptizing people every week and rejoicing together as God is in our midst!

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