Thursday, January 19, 2017

Teaching English in Japan with His Word - Videos and Podcasts

For the last two years I have been teaching weekly English classes in Japan using the Bible.  The class is basically free and I do not charge students anything and all are welcome.  I would get a variety of students from high schoolers, salarymen and seniors.  With the new addition of FB live, I have been able to even share the classes to hundreds of viewers online as well.  Also I have begun podcasting with the same idea of sharing English through the Bible for Japanese listeners on GBC-radio.

I started podcasting His Word in mid-August last year and now have split my podcast into two levels. A beginner level on Monday and Thursday will be an podcast for more advanced students.

It is exciting to see this ministry grow and share God's Word with many who are hearing it for the first time.  I discuss not only the English meanings but the context of the passage as well to the students and listeners.

(Recent videos of classes below)

 God is now calling me from the classroom portion of the ministry for a time to reboot things.  This will be my last month teaching classes for free in Fukuoka at Daimyo Cross Garden.  Exactly two years ago His Word English started as an idea, a leading from the Holy Spirit and it has grown and I believe that even though I will be temporarily stopping the classroom portion (podcasts will continue) I am confident God will give me direction on how to expand it so that more Japanese can hear and learn English through His Word.

Thanks for those who have prayed and supported my ministry.  I look forward to the new direction God will provide for the ministry.

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