Thursday, January 26, 2017

Tales from Japan: Jesus Heals Young crippled Woman in Japan in Osaka VIDEO

I want to share with you all a little taste of what God is doing in Japan particularly in the ministry of GBC (God Blessings Church) where I serve as a volunteer pastor, and who I also do podcasts for.

 Last year during one of God Blessings Church's worship services in Osaka a young woman named Megumi who wasn't able to walk was healed as the worship started. She has attended services in the past but this one was different. She was filled with faith and stood up during worship to her surprise with very little difficulty. She had been using a cane to get around and couldn't even stand for worship before. As you can see in the video below Pastor Rie sees her stand up and pulls her out to dance and jump during the time of worship as everyone is seeing "He Has Made Me Glad" in Japanese. You can see the emotion and realization that she has been healed come over her and the other worshipers as they join together to sing "Thank You LORD"

The miracle starts around 15:24-


 Stay tuned for more works of Jesus on Holy Fire Japan.

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