Sunday, January 29, 2017

Tales from Japan: GBC Akane Healed Walks for the First Time VIDEO

Today something so amazing, so wonderful happened it left me almost speechless.  I was surprised but not surprised at the same time because I too believe God is a God of miracles.  In fact I am seeing more and more of these miracles in response to faith in Jesus Christ not only our LORD and Savior but our healer.

Today was the story of Akane who has never been able to walk for her whole life born with a defect in her feet. When prompted by pastor Rie from GBC, Akane literally stood up out of her wheelchair and paced the room.  As you can see in the video taken below.  Since it was her first time to use her legs in this way all on her own you can see she is going to need to get used to using them LOL.  Later she was jumping and actually almost running.

Awhile ago Rie had given Akane a word from the LORD that she would walk and today was the day. Rie was faithful to sow that prophetic seed in Akane's heart and look at the joy she has.

Nobody prayed for her or laid hands on her, she just literally took a step of faith!

This is just like the story in Acts 3 when Peter told the lame man to stand up and walk in the name of Jesus and took him by the hand and literally the man began to walk.


 More LORD Jesus!

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