Friday, May 06, 2016

Connecting Life with Faith: A Kingdom of People

Ohori Park in downtown Fukuoka
Over the past few weeks I have experienced a lot.  I have sense horrific scenes of destruction and scenes of people coming to together to provide for one another.  I have seen people become confused and disoriented and some angry or proud.

I have this reflection... What is the Kingdom of God? What is it that Jesus said would have no end and be established forever and ever.

When Jesus commanded us to pray for the purpose of this Kingdom what did he say? Pray for workers, laborers, not money, not power, not more of a particular anointing either...
In a way He said "people"

The kingdom of God is all about people and each one with their set of skills, abilities, resources etc coming together to make the Kingdom what is and essentially stronger.

Do we have needs in our churches or ministries?  Most certainly we do and the answer for continuing the harvest is more workers.

I think about the volunteer effort in the disaster area of Kumamoto and there are thousands of volunteers aiding now but in a week most will be gone.  There is a continual need for laborers there and in every field of His work for His kingdom around the world.

Me with two volunteers in Kumamoto

And laborers are the means of expanding the kingdom and they ARE the Kingdom as well.  All the externals of buildings, organizations, and systems sometimes can distract from the fact that all the really matters is people when it comes to God`s kingdom.

Hence we should know what we are working and fighting for.  We are not working to get a bigger facilities for our churches or for our organizations to grow larger.  Those may happen but I pray they happen as a result of bringing in the harvest and seeing God bring new laborers together for His purpose.... not ours.

His church, His organization, His body

Be blessed and love those around you today.  Let us all labor with joy so that God would send us more laborers to share in the work together.

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