Thursday, April 28, 2016

Tales from Japan: The Aftermath of the Great Kumamoto Earthquake

Near Mashiki the epicenter of the Kumamoto Quake entire blocks of houses have become rubble

It has been way too long since I have posted a blog.  But I promise you after recent events I have the determination in the midst of the busyness and storm of life to keep all of you readers up to date and informed on life in Japan.  At the moment I am still catching my breath from the last three days of non stop travel and supply runs and other volunteer work down in the devastated areas of Kumamoto Japan.

I have taken in a lot from this experience and I hope I have given back something worthy of a blessing for the people who have lost nearly everything.  My heart goes out to them... I didn`t shed a tear while I was there but I could not contain myself on the ride home. I watched and talked to little children in front of a collapsed house, not knowing that their parents may not have survived (I dare not ask).  Their grandparents or neighbors were looking after them at the time.  That`s just one of many scenes that had a dramatic impact on me.

This man lost his house you can actually see the fault lines in the pavement.  He is watching the crane demolish the house he built.

This house happened to be sitting on the fault when the quake struck.  The man said he was happy to be alive.

So looking at all this and all the wonderful people coming out to help or give of their finances and resources to aid all these hurting people I can`t help but feel grateful to be part of this.  As humans we are all linked and connected to one another, certainly Facebook and social media should make us realize how true this is.

We asked the local supply center if they needed any more things.  They were happy to see us and we talked about what we could do in the days ahead.

We spoke with people who are afraid to go back in their home and have been living for 2 weeks in tents in their yard.

Obviously people are asking the classic question of WHY? and while profound I think that isn`t an relevant question.  Perhaps a more helpful question is "What now?" People need forward motion and hope is a big part of that.  People reaching people gives HOPE.  And even more as Christians, do we carry the message of HOPE in the Gospel of Christ.

There is a lot of work to be done, but in this labor, LOVE will give birth to HOPE for many Japanese as volunteers rally together and experience what binds and connects us.  People will lay down their quarrels and their social barriers.  If anything I see something so beautiful in this mess: the power of LOVE and UNITY.

So in all we do let LOVE be our supreme purpose.  And LOVE is seen in our actions.

To donate to the work we are doing for KUMAMOTO go to and send to  or click the DONATE button at the top of the page.

Thanks for reading! ARIGATO!

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