Monday, October 21, 2013

Reflections of Worship: His Sovereignty

I am amazed and overwhelmed when I realize the sovereignty of God over my life.  In my mind I know He rules, but my heart throngs with the experience of relinquishing total control to Him.  This recognition of His Sovereignty is the door to peace of mind and to powerful, cleansing worship.

"All the pieces of my life..." That line of this song captures me.  This is a song we should teach our children so that they can grasp the power in trusting God all of their lives. One of the worst feelings we can have is to feel all alone in our darkest times or even at our greatest moments of success.

Let the Spirit of the Living God meet you in this song and fill your mind with images of your life when you felt alone, downtrodden, or despised and see that He is there, sovereign over all.

All you have, all you're afraid of, every dream of your heart.  Every part of who you are... it's all in His hands.

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