Sunday, November 28, 2010

Connecting Life with Faith: How does God speak to you?

When it comes to our daily lives, most of us rarely have time to stop, drop, and pray. With diligence comes the challenge of balancing our time for spiritual rest and inspiration.

Glorious Anthem by Stephen Barrett

What makes having a personal relationship with God so thrilling is the aspect that God is constantly, and will always be communicating with you. Now that doesn`t mean you will wake up tomorrow and the clouds will part and a voice from heaven will tell you the meaning of your life...but then again it could happen. And if it does please comment on this post and let me know and we can praise Him together.

Most of the time the way we receive encouragement, guidance, wisdom, and blessing is not as grand as some might want it to be. I would say that most of us have a preferred communication style already in place. That being something God has put in us from the very beginning. We all have unique interests and have our own individual personalities. Our communication styles are often determined by those two areas, especially when it comes to the way God communicates with us.

For example some of us are musically inclined, and hearing a certain song from our past, or hearing a new beat on the way home can suddenly turn our attention to God, or even give us a specific message He has for us.

Sometimes it can be art, people, books, movies, exercise, science, gardening, the things we interact with on a regular basis. God can bring things to our rememberance through them, or give us wisdom and understanding, He can even give us knowledge of things to come. Most often God is the instigator, in the realm of prophesy, but when it comes to our personal relationship, I truly believe He is communicating to us through our preferred mediums all the time.

This daily interaction with God is the place where our relationship with God grows. It is similar when friends call each other and "shoot the breeze" or just spend time to catch up with each other.

The snag is that we tend to easily lose connection with Him, and like a cell phone...our signal is gone and we often say, "Oh well, He will just call back if it`s important." And that my friends, that is the snare that keeps us from having a more intimate relationship with Him; our choice to wait until something important happens.

My hope for myself and all of you is to get us thinking. Thinking about our past experiences with God, going back to the place where we felt connected. Asking ourselves, "How does God speak to me?" and to remember relationships are based on strong communication and God is no exception.

Lord, Thank you for the ways you have spoken to us.
Thank you for the big ways and the small ways you speak to us.
Help us to be connected to you, and to let communication with You be as easy and simple as You intend it.

Stayed time I will discuss "How we talk to God."


  1. Awesome!

    When God brings things to remembrance something He has told me it is so awesome that I often want to fall to my knees right then and there and worship. Other times, i am not really sure, so i wait for confrimation. Gideon. LOL... fleecing...

    One of the cool things is like if i have a dream, and then the next day my eye falls on a branch, or toaster, or whatever, and the dream rushes to my remembrance and it has to do with some special communication. It is like Dad is saying "i told you this was coming" or "this is what I think of you son". Pretty cool.

    Amen brother. It isn't knowing about God, it is relationship with HIM.

    God bless!

  2. Thanks for sharing Conrad! A living relationship is so key to our walk.


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