Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Time for Hope

Christmas time is not always the most wonderful time of the year. It is usually cold(depending on where you live of course) and is filled with very long to do lists. It creeps up on us so quickly and before we know it we are flung into a dash to buy presents, write cards, decorate, cook and eat, and eat some more.

In the rush of things our emotions can get all mangled and we can end up a mess: tired and cranky, or disappointed about something not working out ,or angry about the crowds or horrible traffic. We can so easily forget about the amazing hope that awaits us.

Christ`s birth was not a mere entertaining spectacle, which is much of what Christmas has become today. The modern Christmas is covered with all kinds of entertainment,special performances and non-spiritual Christmas songs etc. But Christ`s nativity was a moment where hope was beginning to spawn. Hope amidst difficult circumstances in a very difficult world. When the shepards gathered to see the child there was hope in the room: hope for Israel, an occupied nation at the time, hope for every man, woman , or child who would put there faith in this One.

The wise men of the East came and bowed to this child giving great gifts, why? Because there was hope in the room. Hope for even the gentile, hope that would reach the ends of the earth. Can you feel that hope now? It`s exciting isn`t it? Hope and anticipation of God`s kingdom. Hope that Christ, the King, will restore all creation and that we can dwell in a sin free existence one day with God: no death, no tears of sadness and separation.

This is the meaning of Christmas. That as we remember the beginning of Christ`s story, we can be filled once again with the gift of hope. Let`s look up to God this Christmas and offer our prayers with great expectation and hope! His kingdom will reign and there will be no end to it. When you believe in Him and offer your life to Him, there is great hope for anyone!

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