Wednesday, June 25, 2008


"Trust me, you`ll like it" or "in God we trust"

We often hear the word trust and find it in the Bible as well. We are very familar with its use and practice, but perhaps there is more to learn about trust.

Trust is usually a response to a need. If I have nothing to eat then I trust God to provide, or if I need to confide in someone I trust them. Without trust relationships do not function well. Families and companies start to fall apart and society begins to suffer greatly because people cannot trust one another, let alone learn to trust in a God, who cannot be captured by the human eye.

In our difficulties, trusting in God and one another is a daily exercise. It is a conscience decision and it takes effort to channel are mental energies, thoughts, and worries toward God instead of in other areas. We satisfy are sensation to worry with shopping, rushing, eating, you name it! We all have failed to trust in God at some point or another. We have all lost the heart to hope at one time or another. Trust is a way to rebuild our hope. We must decide today and say in our heart. "I will trust God and no other to be the source for my need." For when the world is gone and everything has been removed from its place what will you have? Who will you be able to trust?

Let us be reminded that trusting in God brings new life and hope that no matter what may happen God will keep us and be ours forever and we belong to Him

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