Monday, July 28, 2008

Lessons learned

There is much to learn. I know so little and at times I feel that is enough. We can never exhuast the vast realm of knowledge or understanding. Solomon (the wisest of men) said the the more we know the more our sorrow. Sometimes knowing can save us from health problems or wisdom can save us from destruction, but ultimately wisdom cannot overcome death. We are like a vapor: here today and gone tommorrow, under the heat of the sun we fade and we are gone completely. As I reflect on my finite existence I will mention some lessons I have learned in Japan...but these are only a few.

I have learned that wisdom is a gift and that it is given as we ask God.

I have learned that weakness teaches us where to find strength both in God and in ourselves.

I have learned that merely enjoying people`s presence makes them feel loved.

I have learned that faith is not merely words, but true faith is derived through experiences.

I have learned that evil will happen and that good things can come in their season.

I have learned that children are most precious and are for a limited time only.

I have learned that having children raises our expectations of ourselves and our spouses.

I have learned that words heal and a touch can restore a troubled heart.

I have learned that money burns our hands when we hold onto it.

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