Friday, February 06, 2015

Connecting Life with Faith: Looking to God

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When we are need or in trouble we begin to look for answers, solutions, miracles if need be.  In life we will have troubles: in singleness, in married life, with or without children.  Jesus himself said that "everyday has its own troubles "Matthew 6:34 and "in this world you will have trouble." John 16:33. So get ready for it and look to God continually.

So what are we looking for exactly. Well we solve problems with wisdom and vision.  Wisdom is a more practical way to solve problems and vision a supernatural way.  God gives us both when we ask. James 1:5  In fact Jesus encourages us to ask Him continually for such things. Matthew 7:7

I love language, I love how complex and yet simple it is.  Every little sound and word has potential for meaning and can unlock a mystery.  Even looking at the word "to" in the phrase "Looking to God" Do you notice what happened to the meaning when I changed from "looking at" to "looking to"?

When you look at someone or something it is a one way action, but with the word "to" we understand it to mean there is an expectation of a reaction.  In a sense our "looking" can be received. For example, I can look at a bird but I can`t look to a bird because we perceive that the bird is not capable of receiving my look.  Pretty deep isn't it!  So we can look to God because we know He will react, he will receive our "look" which comes in the form of facing Him and asking. This takes faith and that is what pleases God.

Hebrews 11:6 says that we must come to God with the belief that He exists and rewards those who seek him diligently.

So look to God, turn the eyes of your heart to Him today and celebrate the love He has for you. The love of a divine Father to care for you and make you into something wonderful.

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