Saturday, February 02, 2013

Only in Japan: Radiation checked food at your local store

A bunch of Maitake Mushrooms go on sale in Chiba, Japan.

The label claims that these mushrooms have been inspected for radiation and deemed safe.  You can use the QR code to check the website with your cell phone, if you really want to. Mushrooms are rich in minerals making them that more toxic when radiated with isotopes.

Nearly two years after the ill fated March 11th meltdown in Fukushima many are still normally living in the aftermath.  Most people have forgotten, few are really concerned over the amount of radiation in the food, water, or air they intake.

And to be honest, there is some reason to be.  In some areas the radiation clearly has gone down.  Even independent sources show radiation levels almost half of what they were last year.( I apologize, usually I would have a source link but please take my word for it.  I don`t have the internet resources I need available to me for various reasons).

Needless to say some of indepent radiation monitoring shows other areas doubling in radiation from what they were last year.  This is clear evidence that hotspots are getting hotter with radiation while other areas are experiencing the breakdown or half life of their radioactive elements.

Strawberries from the Ibaraki Prefecture known to have radiation hotspots from Fukushima fallout. It was almost impossible to find a regular shaped strawberry in any of these baskets.  Are mututations this common in strawberries?
So what does this really mean? It is a tale-tell sign that the fallout radiation from Fukushima is real and not imagined.  Such dramatic changes in radiation levels for better or for worse should make people think about the long term effects of radiation exposure could be on their communities.  This should cause people to be even more vigilant in checking radiation levels are ensuring a safe environment for sake of public health, espeically children.

It is not time to panic, but to have resolve and determination to come up with methods and ways to combat this potentially harmful situation.

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