Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Only in Japan: Giant Coke Cans and other Oversized Novelties

A giant can of Coca Cola on its side at Narita Airport Japan

You think in a country that makes every bit of space count like Japan that there would be little interest in the oversized sillyness of a can of Coca Cola, but like many other such mysteries, Japan once again shows its whimsical side.

A giant tea pot shaped vending machine at Tokyo Disneyland

A random large tweety bird statue outside of Warner MyCal Cinemas, Japan

In stores, often displays of merchandise are gigantisized for attention and humor's sake.  Although the shopping isles still remain only narrow enough for one way traffic.

Trial Supermarket in Yachiyo Chiba Japan

Perhaps with a country where small and compact seems to be the norm, a sudden over sized novelty makes people laugh and has that more of an impact.  Some are artistic and some are just silly. But whenever I come across such things I am reminded of the lighter side of the Japanese; the side that enjoys the extreme and is often depicted in manga or Japanese animation.

With all the difficulties in Japan, it is sometimes nice to reflect on the lighter side of things and have a laugh. Life is too short not to stop and smile at the silly!


  1. Thank you for sharing "this side" of life. What is the response to the oversize novelties in Japan?

  2. I think they are quite popular as the post suggests. Bigger isnt necessarily better but its perhaps funnier

  3. I want one of those Coke cans.... I hope there's Coke in it! ;)


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