Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Tales from Japan: A Life Changing Dream

The mushroom cloud from the hydrogen explosion at Fukushima Nuclear plant
I am going to shock some of you reading this...well maybe I won`t. In the month of April I had a dream, it was quite strange, in fact that is why I wrote it down. At the time I had no idea what was going on with Fukushima, radiation, and cover ups. In fact I was in strong favor of the Japanese government and the information they were releasing to the public and the stance they had taken regarding the issue. Besides it had only been about a month since the 3/11 Earthquake and Tsunami

So I after returning home from my stay in the hospital and surgery, I went to sleep. That night I saw this dream...

My family and I, along with many other people, were being kept inside a tower.  We all kept trying to look for a way out, but the men in charge would find us and become angry with us.  They became angry and put blindfolds on our eyes so that we could not escape.  But somehow we were able to find a way out of the tower, and when we were able to take the blindfolds off we saw a wasteland.  There was a brownish color across the sky and the hills then I suddenly awoke! I was freaked for a few moments but that prompted me to write it down.

It wasn`t until about a week ago that I felt prompted to look at that note again in light of everything that has happened the last couple months since then.  But this time looking at the words I felt quickened to their meaning!

We had been trapped in a controlled situation, being kept from the truth that lay outside of what is happening in Fukushima.  When we would seek answers those in power would assume authority and try to confuse or blind us so that we wouldn`t come to the horrific conclusion that they have no control over the situation.  That one day the most prosperous, populated place in the world may become a barren land, desolate, a home for mutated beasts and deadly insects.

This image is very similar to what I saw in my dream.

I cannot say that I know when this might happen, but as each day and week unfolds I see that this dream may come to reality one day.  Maybe 5, 10, 20, 50 years from now.

This dream has literally grabbed me and turned my life upside down! Perhaps it will bring about good and save the lives of my children if heeded


  1. You saw, heard, documented the dream. God speaks through dreams, gives prophecy, reveals what He wants you to know and gave you the interpretation. Thanks for sharing. You are an amazing example of courage and faith in action. I bless you in Jesus' Name.

  2. Man, i really feel for you... Apparently this is a lot worse than the chernobyl incident. What is totally amazing is that the media here doesn't even really mention it..

    God bless you brother.. I pray for you..

  3. God gave you the dream. Can you come back to the USA or go somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere? Do you and your family have to stay?

  4. Thanks for prayers and comments.

  5. This is almost like science fiction coming to reality! Man it is scary. I pray that the radiation may be removed and doesn't mutate many creatures. Not just mutating beasts and insects, possibly humans too. I don't wanna go to that, but God willing that this doesnt happen!


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