Sunday, December 05, 2010

Connecting Life with Faith: What can we do this Christmas?

A lot of us feel the need to help others, especially during the Christmas season.  There are a lot of people hurting around us or maybe in need around us, so the question is what can we do? 
I think most Christians have thoughts like these going through their minds in a time like this.  Is giving somebody some money for food good enough?  Should I share the gospel with every person I meet?  What am I called to do this Christmas?  What`s my spritual job as a follower of Christ?

I wish I knew the answers to these questions and the many more that go through my mind as I live out each day.  There is such strong tension between the urgency of sharing the gospel and understanding God`s timing for your life.  Think of how Jesus told his disciples in one instance to immediately go door to door as it were telling people about the kingdom.  Then think of the example of Moses, who tried to force the message of freedom for his people in his youth, but in his later days brought a nation out of captivity. 

There are so many unique approaches towards sharing our faith, but we should be concerned with the message our lives tell.  What good is it to preach the truth of Christ and to nullify it with our actions.  We can go shout it before the world on a mountain, but unless God is with us, we merely resound as a gong.  We can blog, tweet, post, and craft our words wisely, but without the Holy Spirit on our words we had best save our breath.  I say this knowing that God`s grace is the only way we can say or do anything for His name.

So if we are evangelists let us be bold and ever so humble, able to engage in discussion with wisdom and tact.  If we call ourselves servants of Christs let us be diligent to find a place to exercise our gifts.  The Bible talks about the gifts (graces) of God, but the hard part is finding the daily way in which to use them.  That is up to you!  Though our gifts are divinely given, our use of them is self-initiated.

I like to compare exercising spiritual giftings to prayer.

Just as with prayer, using your gifts takes faith.  Using your gifts should be simple.  It should not cause you tremendous stress, but should release joy deep inside.  Finally, the results are up to God. 

So if you are asking yourself, what can I do this Christmas?  Why not use your spiritual gifts along with your financial resources to bless people this holiday season! 
God bless you all!


  1. I like the idea of using my spiritual "gift" for Christmas!

    Let's get the Spirit back into the spirit of Christmas! Amen?

    God bless you bro!

  2. Thanks for the comment Conrad! Opportunities for using my spiritual gifts is my Christmas wish!


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