Saturday, September 22, 2007

Bounds of Freedom

We are free men and women. We do not live in an era where we are enslaved by cruel taskmasters. The modern world has seen the end of slavery and the beginnings of an era of freedom. However, the cliche is true, "freedom has a price." Freedom from oppression has usually been brought about through war, gross violence, protests, etc. Freedom for a soul, however, is a different story.

Freedom for each person does not exempt them from the consequences of their actions or even the actions of others. Freedom is ectasy for one and somewhat fearful for another. Many people react different to being granted freedom, but the universal cry of humankind is that freedom is "good." If one looks into the annals of history, it is obvious to see one of the strongest desires of the human spirit is to live in freedom.
On a more spiritual side
To explore the bounds of our freedom is to invite the true test of our soul. We will see the depth of our treacherous hearts and the still know the amazing grace of Christ. Freedom is not to be taken for granted, but it does invite to experimentation of all kinds. Ohh What a scary and true thought! If our hands were free what other evils could we grab hold of...let it not be so! We need freedom, yes, but we also need goodness. We need the Holy Hand of God to direct us to a good path. What does the LORD pray, "and lead us not into temptation." Our tendency is to once again follow our own leading into temptations.

God be good to us today. Let us know the bounds of freedom. Let us know where to stop and where we should explore. Let us never turn away your grace in times of failure. Let us be fully confident in your deliverance and let us receive the joy of our freedom in you! Amen.
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