Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Connecting with people around the world with #Godtalk

Well I haven't posted in a long ,long time. Wow things have been going in some many directions it is hard to nail down time to blog and keep up.  I want to share one really cool thing that started last year in December when the LORD led me to get on Facebook LIVE and just simply talk about God using the hashtag #Godtalk It has led to some great discussions, testimonies, and I believe divine connections as well.

God wants to unite His body in this time and instead of talking about all the issues and problems in the world and focusing our thoughts on those things better time is spent talking about the One who is on the throne and what He is doing, what He is saying, where He is leading.

Anyway I have put a few videos below.  Let's have our conversation lead to actions that God wants from us.  We have the WORD and we have the SPIRIT and both agree.

It was awesome to see so many come on and be a part of the conversation. Guys like Kevin Riordan from Setfree Ministries, Nick Serre in Canada, Conrad Carriker from Conrad Rocks, and Ryan Denlinger from South Africa as well.

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