Monday, September 12, 2011

Only in Japan: Land of a Thousand leaves

I live in the Chiba Prefecture of Japan.
When the characters for Chiba (千葉) are translated they mean 1,000 and leaves. So I live in the prefecture of a thousand leaves.

It is interesting that Japan has so many teas, not only Green tea, 緑茶 (ryoku-cha) Barley tea, 麦茶 (mugi-cha) Oolong tea (oolong-cha) 鳥龍, which are the top three, but also a variety of black teas with seasonal flavor.  Green, Barley, and Oolong are available year round and are considered the staple at the table, so to speak.

Japan is a country with four seasons and with every season comes new products and new flavors, new packaging, new advertising to entice the consumer. And what can I works! I look forward to seeing the new selection of teas on the shelf at the convenience store and while I don`t buy all of them or buy them a lot, I will at least try something once

My favorite is probably this one

For more information on seasonal teas check out this post

By the way, according to popular history the actual name for the Chiba Prefecture was taken from man by the name of Chiba, who was one of the ruling class appointed under the reign of the Shogun Tokugawa.  There is even a castle in Chiba where the ruling class lived that you can visit

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