Sunday, July 25, 2010

Facing our Struggles: Momentum

We are forever sliding on the scale.  Our nature slipping us back into selfish, reckless, and violent evil while the hand of God moves us towards grace and righteousness. 

If you are like me, you hardly ever realize you are sliding back until it`s too late.  In my human will, I cannot muster the strength to rid my mind of bad habits, or bad behaviors.  I cannot generate that momentum to go in the other direction.

This is when I have seen God`s redemptive power in my life, when He takes events, people, and places and uses them to give me momentum to go in the other direction.  Once we have momentum it seems a lot easier to do what is right.  We have confidence and faith and we can look at our life with clarity.  The motion of life becomes joyful and we see God at work in our lives again when begin move towards righteousness.

Again without the relationship with God through the person of Christ, there cannot be such a shift.  For the unbeliever, there needs to be a rescue before this moving along the path.  Yet seeking aid, help from our troubles is the beginning of true enlightenment and salvation. 

And for those who face each day with the knowledge and relationship with Christ, there is hope that if we are falling back that we need only call for that change in momentum in our lives.  For with His help we are able to run swiftly, as deer in the high places.  We can say, do and accomplish things that are far beyond our comprehension.

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