Monday, November 17, 2008

LIVE at Funabashi Station

This past weekend I had the opportunity to play music at an outreach at Funabashi station. I have done this in the past, but this time I was accompanied by other singers and a pastor from Funabashi Baptist Church, who spoke about the meaning of Christmas.
Kaori Yamamoto, who is a professional Gospel singer, helped organize the event. She has great people skills and the ability to really perform well and speak boldly. It was really fun and a great chance to see as people stopped by to listen or paused a moment to hear the Christmas songs and worship songs.

We were there about two hours and my throat was definitely a little raw, but I was excited to have an opportunity. We are planning to do a similar event on 12/14 as well.

My prayer for that day was
1)That our songs would resound in the people`s hearts, inspiring them, and turn their thoughts toward God.
2)That our songs would rise to heaven and bring joy to God`s heart as a fragance of worship.
3)That God`s love and mercy would be renewed in our hearts, and the hearts of people who call themselves believers.

I will post pics later...

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