Tuesday, December 06, 2005

An encourging vision for the future

This last week we met for prayer with Shou at our home. It was a refreshing time of prayer. We could literally feel the joy overwhelm us as we prayed and thanked God praising Him together from the depths of our souls. As we came to a point of silence in our praise we sat before the LORD, pausing in order to receive from His Spirit. It was in this moment that I saw before me a vast number of people. They shone like glimmering gold and their names were written in front of them. I saw my daughter (Anna's name) and the name of another boy from church born in the same year (Souki). As I looked at them I was in awe at the majesty and beauty around them. Then my view began to pan away to show the greater picture that revealed that this glorious group of saints is just one band in the golden armor of the LORD's arm. This was an exhilirating vision that displayed the interconnection of God's people ( the generations alive and to come) in the LORD's body. For we are all the body of Christ connected to one another through Him no matter what church or what generation! We are a display of His glory and majesty, though we are lowly and broken. There is a mighty generation coming in these last days that will receive a portion of God's authority and annointing that will move the nations! We are charged by the LORD to go before them and make ready, just like the disciples went ahead of Jesus and took the colt for Jesus' entry into Jerusalem on palm Sunday. That colt is the youth of the nations, the generations that the LORD will ride upon and bring His gospel to the ends of the earth and even unto Jerusalem. Praise God when you have an opportunity to pray for the youth, for in doing so you will receive a crown of joy when they rise to that call in Christ Jesus!
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