Sunday, January 01, 2012

Facing Our Struggles: A New Year, a New Life

Sunset setting through palm trees as 2011 comes to an end

Well it has been almost two months since I have posted.

I now start the new year with a new post in a new place. My family and I have left Japan though we much desired to stay.  The clarity of the hazardous situation demanded action on my behalf. And I hope that our action to abandon everything we had there speaks loudly and boldly. We hope and pray the best for our friends there, especially for their children. We pray for their protection and if it be possible we pray for their evacuation.

Yet being back in the U.S.A. does not make for an EASY solution. The challenge of starting life with very little and no job stretches our faith in a very real way. We have been blessed miraculously through the entire transition both from friends in Japan and in America. It is in these relationships that we are strengthened to continue and face our struggles with courage.

I truly from the core of my being give thanks for the many who have given us their loving support.

Though I am not currently in Japan. I will continue to write and share my experiences of living there as well as information of what is going on there.

For those who follow and read my blog I am grateful for your comments and concerns for us. I hope you continue to visit as I plan to post regularly from the plethora of stories I have accumulated in my 7 years, along with devotional posts, social commentaries, and other interesting observations.

It is truly a new life for us. We do not know what the future holds but we know that with God and with each other we can accomplish much and know a life of abundance even in the darkest of times.

I pray that you are all encouraged and strengthened as you wake to this New Year.  May you experience and grow abundantly always being thankful for the universal gift of LIFE.


  1. Good luck to you and your family here in the US. I'm sure your decision was a difficult one, but I know it'll all turn out for the best.

  2. Listen to God's calling. There is a distinct and clear plan for you and your family. Everything you have experienced is preparation......We pray alongside you in faith with thanksgiving

  3. Japan has lost a great writer, good luck to you and your family with your new step into a new life!


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